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Occasionally, customer cars come up for sale.  If you are looking for a used Porsche, please feel free to check with us. Just call 480-991-2377 or email us at zmiscottsdale@hotmail.com. We'll get back to you with the contact information you need. 

Porsche Parts & Accessories For Sale

We have a fairly large collection of good used Porsche parts, and it is constantly growing.  We just might have what you are looking for.  Here are a few examples of items ready for immediate sale.  

1974-1989 911 - Classic bra, black with white Porsche lettering. Excellent condition. $75.
1987-1988 924S - Phone Dial Factory Wheel Set. $400.

1974-1989 911/930 w/Sport Seats - SuperLamb sheepskin set. Tan color. New in box. $400.

1987-1989 930 - Factory intercooler, perfect condition. $750.

1978-1989 930 - Factory stock turbocharger, very low miles, perfect! $1000.

1984-1989 911 - Center rear reflector with "P O R S C H E" inscription. $150.

1966-1968 911 - Window regulator for passenger door. $350.

1999-2004 996 - Stock exhaust manifolds and mufflers. $400.

1987-1989 930 - Heat exchangers, nearly new, perfect! $1500/pair

1987-1989 930 - Nose mounted oil cooler. $500.

911 thru 1989 - B&B oval tailpipes for dual outlet muffler. $50/pair.

1976-1989 930 - 9x16 Ronal 5-spoke rear wheel. Silver w/polished lip. $200.

Engineering, Technical & Shop Topics

As a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, I enjoy keeping abreast of new developments in automotive design and technology. Below are a few items which I hope you, fellow Porsche enthusiasts, find interesting.

     I had the pleasure meeting Jake Raby of Flat 6 Innovations and Charles Navarro of LN Engineering, and taking their excellent class on 996 and Boxster engine building. These innovators have acquired a broad understanding of the mechanical problems which plague M96 and M97 engines.  The most common problem which affects all of these engines is intermediate shaft (IMS) bearing failure. IMS bearing failure causes immediate catastrophic engine damage. Fortunately, the risk of failure can be reduced by being proactive with maintenance.  Prevention is the key, because if the bearing fails, the cost of repairing the engine usually ends up exceeding the value of the car. Here are several ways to be proactive: (1) Change the oil and filter frequently, at least once per year or every 3000 miles.(2) Inspect the oil filter with every oil change. (3) Replace the IMS bearing BEFORE deterioration begins! (4) Avoid lugging the engine and low rpm operation. (5)  Have any new or unusual sounds coming from the engine promptly diagnosed.  (6) Install a magnetic drain plug in the oil pan. I appreciate that maintenance budgets for older Boxster's and 996's are typically rather tight. However, IMS bearing failure is not something you want to experience. Retrofitting the bearing is expensive, but the cost of NOT taking action could be much higher.  My intent in sharing this information is not to fearmonger, but rather to help you protect your investment.  A new IMS Solution plain bearing upgrade will enhance both the resale value of your car, and the reliability of your engine.


    According to official Porsche press releases, the 918 Spyder, in the hands of Porsche factory professional race driver Marc Lieb, lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 6 min 57 sec.  It was the first street car to get under the 7 minute barrier.  Subsequently, Porsche has built a number of newer cars which easily eclipse the 918's brilliant time. If you're not familiar with the Nordschliefe, is a dangerous and unforgiving place to run high speeds.  An average driver in even the very fastest of Porsche offerings would not come anywhere near a 7 minute lap.    
The combined power the 918's electric motors and internal combustion engine is 893 hp.  The 4.6 liter engine is responsible for 608 hp. Its specific power output of 132 hp/L was the highest ever achieved by Porsche at the time. That number too has been subsequently exceeded in a number of newer Porsche engines.  For example, the 2017 Panamera Twin Turbo V-8 which produces 137.5 hp/L. The 918's front axle electric motor produces 129 hp, and the rear axle motor produces 156hp. 800Nm (590 ft-lb) of torque is available from 800rpm-5000rpm. Maximum available launch torque is a rather staggering 1280 Nm (943 ft-lb). The empty vehicle weight is 1640kg (3608 lb). The engine's redline is a sonorous 9150rpm. Acceleration from 0-100kph takes 2.8 sec.  Interestingly, the engine has no externally driven components or drivebelts.  The car's top speed is 324kph (213 mph). Gear changes in the PDK transmission are executed in 50 msec. 


    Zuffenhausen Motors is an LN Engineering-certified IMS Solution installer.  The patented IMS Solution can be retrofitted into any M96 engine. and is a permanent fix for the IMS problem. It completely eliminates the failure-prone single or dual-row IMS ball bearing and replaces it with a reliable oil-pressure-fed plain bearing, much like a crankshaft main or rod bearing.  The IMS Solution has proven to be safe and reliable.   


    Porsche engineers are not ones to rest on their laurels.  It's amazing how quickly they turn your dream Porsche into yesterday's news. As automotive technology marches relentlessly forward, cars are becoming out-dated in ever shorter periods of time. The endless changes make for documentation, training, tooling and parts nightmares which impact both the factory and the service industry. Porsche has to provide a steady stream of new cars to the market in order to continue to be successful.  Older models are relegated to low priority, which eventually leads to parts shortages and service personnel shortages for this segment of the fleet.  Consequently, it is becoming increasingly difficult for owners of beloved, seasoned Porsche cars to maintain them in roadworthy condition. At some point, the frustration can lead to ending the relationship between owner and car.  Technology does have some side effects.   


    There is usually a reason aftermarket parts cost less than genuine Porsche parts, and it's not due to high volume sales! Either the part doesn't fit properly, or it doesn't have the right appearance or finish, or it doesn't work properly, or it doesn't last as long, or isn't as strong and safe as the original, or all of the above. Proper parts are nearly always a superior value when weighing their modest additional cost against their increased reliability and ease of installation. 


1st generation Ferdinand Porsche started the Porsche company on April 25, 1931.  Prior to that date, he had been working as an automotive engineer, holding various important positions in a number of prestigious German car companies. So why did he leave the security of big companies, and risk everything in his own venture? Well, basically because he had bold ideas and dreams about how a sportscar should be built. The only problem was the companies he worked for weren't interested.  So he followed the old adage: If you want something done right, do it yourself.  The rest is history.  I mention this because when I was looking for a shop I could trust to properly and honestly service and repair my Porsche, I couldn't find one. No one would fix it the way I wanted it fixed, or in other words, the way it should be fixed.  I dreamed about how good a shop could be and should be. So I left my engineering position at Garrett Turbine Engine Company and started Zuffenhausen Motors on March 16, 1985. The company has been going strong ever since.  All my thinking about how to set up and operate the ideal shop was contrary to norms: Please a few people the best you can, and don't try to be all things to all people.  It is this philosophy that has made Zuffenhausen Motors so well-suited to discriminating Porsche owners.  Unless you fix your own Porsche, you'll probably be quite happy bringing it to Zuffenhausen Motors.


  The 2018 991 GT-2 RS will get you to 60mph in 2.7 seconds, dust off a 1/4 mile in 10.4 seconds. The car weighs a mere 3241 lbs, and has 700 hp coming out of its 3.8L twin turbo motor. In the event it gets away from you, the factory was kind enough to build in a roll cage during production. 


  There are two ways to see how modern Porsche cars are built. You can go to Zuffenhausen, Germany and take the Porsche factory tour, or you can watch the 1-hour documentary on the Porsche factory which was aired on the Discovery channel Ultimate Factory series.  One thing the show makes evident, is why the cars have become so expensive. I first visited the factory in the late 1960's, and the mechanics were still working in the old brick buildings and hand finishing the bodies. At that time, the cars were built nearly entirely by hand. Nowadays, everything from welding to painting to bolt tightening typically involves robots. How things have changed!


  The importance of using nitrogen to fill tires was widely touted a few years ago. While there is no downside to the use of nitrogen (other than availability), the main reason shops and dealers hyped it was to attract business. They wanted you to think that using nitrogen was critically important, and that you had to go to them to get it. According to studies by the Society of Automotive Engineers, a tire filled with air loses pressure at a rate of approx 3.5 psi in 12 months, whereas a tire filled with nitrogen will lose about 2.2 psi in 12 months. That is not a big difference. If you take your driving and your safety seriously, you should be checking your tire pressure at least once a month anyway. As long you inflate your tires with clean dry air (which is 80% nitrogen anyway), you have nothing to worry about!  Zuffenhausen Motors has plenty of dry filtered air, thanks to our state-of-the-art compressor/drier/filtration system. You can have all you want, and it's free. The only thing we don't offer is hot air. Ref: SAE, Automotive Engineering Magazine, June 2010.


Technical literature published by Porsche states that a mere 0.3 bar (4.3psi) loss of pressure from a tire can shorten its service life by up to 25%.  This is a significant loss of tire life for a seemingly insignificant loss of tire pressure.  I routinely find tires underinflated by 20 psi during my service inspections!  Tire pressure cannot be accurately checked by visual inspection!  A stiff, low-profile tire looks nearly identical whether it is properly inflated or dangerously underinflated. Don't be fooled into complacency by a tire that looks "normal".


  Not too long ago, incandescent bulbs were used exclusively for interior and exterior lighting of automobiles. Today, many cars are lit entirely by light emitting diodes (LED's), including the headlights. Soon, probably all cars will have full LED lighting. Porsche states that the average life of an incandescent automotive light bulb is between 200 and 1000 hours, depending on the quality and application of the bulb. Compare this to the 10,000 hour life of an automotive LED. Even if you drove your car every single night for 8 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, it would still take almost 3.5 years to burn out a taillight.  Porsche has gone to great lengths to equip their cars with effective, efficient, state-of-the-art lighting in order to enhance your nighttime driving pleasure, safety and comfort. The design of the lighting also gives your car a distinctive nighttime look that is unmistakeably Porsche.  Now you can go fast in the dark, and look good doing it.