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The Porsche cars listed below are for sale by their owners. Each of these cars has been serviced and maintained by Zuffenhausen Motors. If you see a car you are interested in, just call 480-991-2377 or email us at zmiscottsdale@hotmail.com. We'll get back to you with the contact information you need. 

Porsche Parts & Accessories For Sale

All merchandise listed below (excpet where noted) is on hand and ready for immediate sale. If you find anything you need, just call us at 480-991-2377, or email us at zmiscottsdale@hotmail.com. Merchandise can be shipped to you if necessary. You never know what you'll find in here. Prices may be negotiable depending on item.

Engineering, Technical & Shop Topics

As a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers for over 36 years, I enjoy keeping abreast of new developments in automotive design and technology. Below are a few items which I hope you, fellow Porsche enthusiasts, find interesting.